Food Forest Project at Delki Dozzi


deliveries.jpg  materials.jpg cardboard.jpg

First, we prepared the site! The top soil, compost, mulch and cardboard were delivered, and the Food Forest Committee dug holes for the trees and shrubs!

asparagus_w_kids.jpg asparagus_adults.jpg Fionna_and_students.jpg

The digging of the asparagus patch and the creation of the herb spiral was started by a group of grade sixes from Princess Anne, and finished by community members!

plans.jpg meadow_creature.jpg mulch.jpg

A weekend of workshops and planting brought the community together to plant perennial trees and shrubs for the food forest and then cover the entire planting area with compost, cardboard and mulch!

Special thanks to City of Greater Sudbury for cooperating on the use of this beautiful public space and for donating the mulch. Also thanks to Vale for donating the compost and to Waste Management for donating an abundance of cardboard for the project! 

finished_site.jpg finished_site_looking_north.jpg herb_spiral.jpg

Voila! A Community Food Forest to feed our community for years to come! It may look bare right now, but it will surely become lush and bountiful over time as the trees, herbs and shrubs settle into their new home.