Carrie Regenstreif

Executive Director
 Despite a life-long passion for cooking healthy and delicious food, Carrie openly admits to being a slow learner when it comes to growing food. Having failed rhubarb three times, she feels very fortunate to be gradually building an amazing team of people who are good at growing food. After completing a BSc. in Biology, a B.A. in Political Science, and a Journalism certificate, Carrie finally got her first “real job” as a reporter on Manitoulin Island and eventually ended up moving to Sudbury in 1997. After working as a reporter for CBC Radio for several years, she was hired as Coordinator of the then-new Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. Being the only employee of a young organization meant she needed to teach herself many skills: grant-writing, volunteer coordination, financial management, event coordination, and public relations. Nine years later, she left and started her own company, offering consulting services to non-profits and in 2014 developed Fruit for All, which began as a project of Eat Local Sudbury and eventually led to the founding of Sudbury Shared Harvest.

Fionna Tough

Youth Programs Coordinator
 Fionna believes that food is medicine, and that growing this medicine has the ability to connect us to each other, to our cultures & identity, to land, to water, and the complex life-webs present all around us. She is a graduate of Fleming College’s Sustainable Agriculture Program and believes the global Food Sovereignty and Agroecology movement holds much of the hope for the future of our planet. She also really likes worms. 2020 marks her 7th year growing food & teaching others in the garden for a living, and she is grateful to be surrounded with such an amazing, hard-working crew this year! 
Favourite Garden Task: 
Thinning Carrots & Beets  
If you were a fruit or a vegetable, what would you be and why? 
My answer to this question will probably change every time you ask me, but today, my answer is purple Kohlrabi- and why? Because- kohlrabi looks like it is from space and has one of the strongest stems of all of the vegetables around. Today I identify with those qualities…

Kryslyn Mohan

Youth Employment in Agriculture Intern
Having been with Sudbury Shared Harvest over three summers, I am beyond excited to join the team again! I find my greatest joy being out in the sun with my hands in the soil. For me, gardening is about connecting- with the land, with each other, and with the food we eat (Which just so happens to be the Sudbury Shared Harvest mandate!). My love for gardening first sprouted during my time as a food & garden educator with Green Thumbs Growing Kids, doing curriculum-based garden programming at schools in Toronto. After branching off and fundraising to develop youth-led growing projects, I discovered gardening as empowerment- as a way to develop our collective resilience in the face of climate crisis, food insecurity and injustice; to bring communities together to share knowledge, develop our skills and create abundance to nourish ourselves. Since then I have had one foot in social activism, to address the root causes of our disconnected food system, and one foot in permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Having just graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Social Work, I hope to grow the idea of linking gardening, plants and social work to foster mental wellness and healing. My favourite gardening task is composting and if I were a fruit or vegetable I would be a carrot because carrots are glorious. 
Shanelle Lacasse
Sustainable Agriculture Education Intern
Shanelle spent her first summer with Sudbury Shared Harvest in 2019, this is when she realized her passion for working with the community and growing gardens that are going to provide food for future generations. Shanelle recently graduated from Laurentian University with a major in Restoration Ecology and a minor in Geology and Motion Picture Arts. She thrives to continue learning more about various ecosystems in order to continue sharing the importance of environmental sustainability on biodiversity for many years to come. Shanelle can be found sitting in the garden weeding while observing the creatures that have chosen the space as their home. If she could be any vegetable, she would choose to be a cauliflower because they are part of the mustard family and are delicious.
Chanda Boucher
Education/Outreach Assistant (summer)
Chanda has been involved in the food community in Sudbury since she graduated from the Environmental Field Techniques program at Cambrian College in the summer of 2016. This program inspired her to want to heal the planet in as many ways as possible with as many people as possible. She worked at a local farm and local food store, participated in local farmers markets and quickly felt the need to submerge herself in the world of sustainable agriculture. She is currently pursuing a degree in Biology at Laurentian University to better understand the science behind the flora. She considers herself very lucky to be working with the Sudbury Shared Harvest community, a place where all are welcome and change for the better is of highest importance. She hopes to continue working towards a better future for all.
Mya Jones
Education/Outreach Assistant (summer)
This is Mya’s first summer working with the team at Sudbury Shared Harvest after completing her second year of Architectural Studies at Laurentian University. She has always had a strong interest in gardening and growing food, helping her grandparents with their vegetable gardens from a young age and working to maintain the expansive gardens at the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum last year. She looks forward to learning more about sustainable agriculture outside of the classroom and continuing to focus her design work on integrating these vital principles and practices that will help to allow development that benefits the planet, rather than hurts it.
Kaelyn Charron
Garden Assistant (summer)
"I graduated high school this year (2020) and for awhile I had no idea what my future held. I’ve always been interested in gardening and growing food but never realized it could be a living. Working with Sudbury Shared Harvest and the team made me realize all the amazing things I could do with my passion for growing. This is my second summer working with Sudbury shared harvest and I couldn’t be happier. I am going to College Boreal this fall for their agriculture program. I am following my passion and I hope I can help teach our community about organic growing and “grow” our relationship with our land."